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Todd Charmichael - Coffee Mogul\Dangerous Grouds

December 13th, 2012


This is the liquid version of the J.O.B. featuring jobs that help people drink. Premium coffee buyer Todd Carmichael travels the world to find high end beans for his company, La Colombe Torrefaction. And, oh yeah...... The Travel Channel follows him to his perilous destinations so we can see where the world's second most traded commodity actually comes from.

My new best friend is David Driscoll. He is the spirits buyer for K and L Wine Merchants in San Francisco. He drinks alcohol for a living! He then stocks his store full of the stuff he thinks that we should drink. How my new best friend stays sober long enough to do his job.

We're calling Santa Yes, seriously! A guy who says Santa has taken his body over (not joking)!

Our co-active coaching with Henry Kismey-House takes a good hard look at how to run a meeting the right way.

Web Guru Andrew Broadbent of the Vab Media Lab if offering us "Chi" this week. How to have a program of patience when branding your business on the web.

Small business coach Deborah Sweeney CEO of is gonna break down the end of the year for us.

In The J.O.B. Nuggets: How much money do human beings need to be happy and how much vacation time does the average employee leave on the table each year.

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